News:SKYBOOM has been recognized by high and new tech enterp

Data:2018-10-16 14:42


Recently, SKYBOOM has successfully passed the "high-tech enterprises identified by the Ministry of science and technology". This recognition is not only the affirmation of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the success of SKYBOOM research and development and technology, but also greatly promoted the transformation of SKYBOOM science and technology, laying the foundation for taking the road of intelligent manufacturing.


Science is an important driving force for development. High-tech enterprises refer to the development of new areas through science and technology or scientific inventions, or innovative operations in the original field. Therefore, in our country, high-tech enterprises generally refer to the residential enterprises that are knowledge-intensive and technology-intensive, which are engaged in business activities on the basis of continuous research and development and transformation of technological achievements within the scope of the "State Key Supported High-tech Fields". Economic entity.


High-tech enterprises are the important basis for the development of high-tech industries, the new force to adjust the industrial structure and improve the competitiveness of the country, and play a very important strategic role in China's economic development. For more than ten years, high-tech enterprises have been highly valued by governments at all levels. The state and local governments mainly adopt various policies and measures, such as tax relief, equity incentives, science and technology plans, project land, financial insurance, export credit, etc., to encourage and support the development of high-tech enterprises. Our country has initially formed a good environment and a comprehensive policy system for the development of hi-tech enterprises.


SKYBOOM through the "Ministry of Science and Technology High-tech Enterprise Recognition" is SKYBOOM in this field has a strong technological innovation, high-end technology development capacity of the best proof, to a certain extent, improve SKYBOOM's own market value, capital value, and brand image, but also explains the founder of SKYBOOM eye. Unique sense of innovation. The future development of SKYBOOM is bound to follow the guidance of the state, actively adjust the industrial structure, take the road of independent innovation and continuous innovation, to bring customers more innovative, quality products and services.



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